Our Goal

Our goal is to allow our friends, neighbors and children to safely get to the Motor Parkway without having to use a car

Vanderbilt Pkwy
NY, 11364
United States

A common sense and easily achieved vision - connecting the still remaining section of the Motor Parkway with state and city owned lands between Winchester Blvd and Little Neck Parkway so our children, neighbors, seniors can get to the Motor Parkway safely on foot or bicycle.

Our Plan

The only thing preventing easy access to the current Motor Parkway greenway (and the one being built in Nassau) is that no one has asked the City or State to make it happen.

The route we propose (which is similar to the original path of the Motor Parkway) would connect many of the neighborhoods we are talking about.

This route runs through properties managed by the NY State Office of Mental Health, the NYC Board of Education and the NYC Parks & Recreation. In short, three agencies would need to coordinate with the NYC Department of Transportation to make access to the Motor Parkway easier. This could all be done without taking a single inch of property from our neighbors. 

Please sign the petition to help make this happen.

Below find a detailed presentation on how we can make this happen.

Section 1 - Winchester Boulevard to Cross Island Parkway

Two potential paths around Creedmoor's building 40.

What needs to be done?

  • NYS OGS issues a Special Use Permit to build a path
  • Create an street level crossing at Winchester Blvd
  • NYC DoT builds a path
  • Allow walkers, joggers and cyclists to use Rehab Road to get across the Cross Island Parkway


  • No loss of parking spots 
  • Depending on the route, a fence and / or the basketball courts may need to be relocated


  • Paving a new pedestrian and cyclist path
  • Planting new shrubs and trees
  • A traffic light may need to be installed
  • Possible costs of moving fences and a basketball court (depending on route taken).

Section 2 - Cross Island Parkway to Commonwealth Blvd

What needs to be done?

Two potential paths around the Padavan Campus.

  • NYC DoE allows use of some peripheral areas for use as a greenway


  • Possible narrowing of perimeter drive around Queens High School Of Teaching
  • Loss of expansion options for NYS DOT at the Grand Central & Cross Island Parkways


  • A street-level crossing would need to be constructed to cross Commonwealth Blvd
  • Paving a pedestrian and bicyclist path
  • Planting shrubs and trees

Section 3 - Commonwealth to Little Neck Parkway

Two potential paths around the QCPC. Path should drop you off on 74th Ave so you can continue onto LIJ & Nassau County.

What needs to be done?

  • NYS OGS issues a Special Use Permit to allow the construction of a path along the periphery of Childrens Psychiatric Center
  • Queens Farm Museum, NYC Parks need to agree to the use of a portion of their parking lot for a pedestrian path
  • NYC DoT paves a path


  • Farm’s gravel parking lot would become slightly smaller


  • Paving a section of Farm Museum parking lot
  • Planting shrubs 

Section 4 - 74th Avenue to LIJ

74th Avenue is relatively safe to walk, run or bike so signage needs to be put up showing new users how to get to LIJ

Section 5 - LIJ North Parking Lot (74th Ave Extension) to Nassau County Greenway

As of right now, Nassau County is seeking funding for the construction of a path that stretches from Lakeville Road to Bethpage State Park. An agreement should be sought with LIJ to allow NCDPW and NYC DoT to put signage up and to allow people to move from one Greenway to the other easily.